SAFE Services

Our SAFE (Safe Access To Family Engagement) Services Program ensures a neutral, safe, and secure site for children to be children and maintain healthy relationships with the adults in their lives. Children are exchanged through our program, or attend supervised parenting time, when the adults are required to, or choose to have contact with their children in a structured environment. Our focus is on preventing the re-victimization of children by adults in conflict and/or crisis.

SAFE Exchange Services provide a way for a child to be exchanged between custodial and non-custodial parents and caregivers without the adults meeting face-to-face, thus avoiding potential conflict and harm to the child.

Supervised Parenting Time Services allow a child to spend time with a parent on a routine basis in a safe, monitored, comfortable environment.

Listen to Haley and her parents to hear the difference supervised visitation made to them.

Listen to Marisa’s story to appreciate the difference our services can make to a child.