16 Nov

It’s The Giving Season!

child peeping behind leafYes, it’s that time of year again when all non-profits kick off their year-end giving campaign and we’re doing the same.

It’s been 20 years since we were originally created and while we genuinely wish there was no need for our services, they are just as critical now as they were then. We do our very best to serve as many families as we can and yet still there are times, like right now, when we have a waiting list.

The community came together 20 years ago when a Longmont mom and two of her children were murdered by their father when mom took the children for a court-ordered visit to their father. That’s a tragedy no one should endure. Yet, it’s not just that single incident. Many of the children in our families have experienced firsthand prolonged exposure to domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, severe mental illness and/or prolonged absence of a parent.

These traumas have lasting impacts that persist well into adulthood. I was reminded of this recently when I caught Terry Gross’s incredible interview with singer-songwriter Allison Moorer. I encourage to take the time to listen. Moorer was just fourteen when her father murdered her mother and then committed suicide leaving Moorer and her siblings orphans.

After years of not speaking publicly about this, and even hiding a song about it on her second album, Moorer has written an autobiography called Blood and a companion album, her tenth. I have so much admiration and appreciation for Moorer’s bravery in speaking out and sharing what it was like growing up with an alcoholic, violent father and her struggles to overcome the impacts.

Moorer’s message reinforces that we simply have to be here for the children in our community. While we do receive funding from the state and local governments, it is not enough. That’s why I am asking you to please remember us in your year-end giving and give as generously as you can.

You can make your donation by visiting our page at ColoradoGives.com. You’ll have the option to make your donation now or schedule it for ColoradoGives Day on Tuesday December 10.

Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook page and make a donation through Facebook. The benefit to us of donations through Facebook is that there are no processing fees so 100 per cent of what you give comes to us. More than that, if you make your donation on Giving Tuesday (Tuesday December 3) then Facebook is matching funds up to $7 million in donations to U.S. non-profits.

There are other ways you can give too – check out our How To Donate page on our website.

And … I know I’m asking a lot … please share our message with your friends, family, co-workers. We have to make sure that everyone in our community knows about our services so we can all help keep our families connected, safely.

With gratitude,

Mandy Walker

Executive Director

Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash