Explanation Of Fees


1. INTAKE FEE Each Parent will be charged a non refundable fee for their intake appointment. The fee is $25 per party for supervised visitations, $10 per party for supervised exchanges. This fee is for the initial screening, processing and opening of a file. This will include the processing of paperwork, an initial orientation, phone conversations with the attorneys or other pertinent professionals, a review of the court orders and an assessment of eligibility. Each party is responsible for their own fee, unless it is specified differently in the court order. SAFE Services staff does not make initial contacts with Parents; it is up to each parent to make the effort to secure services.

2. SUPERVISED PARENTING TIME FEE All families will be required to pay a fee for each hour of supervised parenting time (visits). Unless the court order specifies that one party will pay the full fee, the cost will be split between the parties. The fee for supervised parenting is $60 per hour. You may apply for a sliding scale fee based on your income, but we must have proof of income before services begin. We accept 2 months of pay stubs, the most recent tax return, the most recent child support worksheet or an affidavit of income from the court. Those who receive disability or financial aid must supply proof as well.

The sliding fee scale ranges from $10 per hour to $60 per hour.

3. SUPERVISED EXCHANGE FEE All families will be required to pay a fee for each supervised exchange. Each exchange is $10 and parents will split this fee, unless there is a court order specifying that one parent is responsible for all costs. There are no sliding scale fees associated with exchanges.

4. COPY FEES A parent or a parent’s legal representative can request copies of SAFE Services documentation of their services. Documentation requests need to be in writing by filling out a form obtained from staff. Any requests for documentation will also ensure that copies are given to the other party in the case. Copy charges will be billed to the Parent who makes the request and will include the cost of additional copies for the other Parent and/or other parties. Fees are 50 cents per page. The minimum charge is $5.

5. COURT FEES Children First of the Rockies charges $150 per hour for court testimony. In addition to actual court time, this fee includes preparation and travel time (portal to portal). Additional mileage may be charged if the court is outside Boulder County. Parents are expected to pay a deposit of the first hour when staff receives the subpoena. Additional time will be billed to the parent and must be paid within 2 weeks of the court appearance.

*No staff will appear without a subpoena. Subpoenas must be received in person and within 48 business hours of the court case. If documentation is subpoenaed, 14 days’ notice is required.

6. EARLY OR LATE FEE Because we operate with the goal of Parents not having contact, we expect each Parent to arrive at their designated time. If a Parent is early or late, there will be a fee of $1 per minute assessed. Parents may wish to align their watch with the SAFE Services clock, so that they don’t risk breaking this rule. Habitual disregard of this rule may result in your services being suspended.

7. NO SHOW/NO CALL FEE The Parent who doesn’t call or attend their scheduled service will be charged a $25 No Call/No Show fee. Repeated no call/no shows are grounds for suspension of services.

8. CANCELLATION FEE If a visit is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, the parent who cancels the visit may be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Repeated cancellations, regardless of the notice period, are grounds for suspension of services.

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