25 Sep

3rd Annual Farm-To-Table Dinner Is A Success!

We’d like to thank all of our supporters for making our 3rd annual Farm-To-Table dinner a huge success. With 110 guests attending, the event was almost 50 percent bigger than last year.

Chef Justin and Ollins Farms created a sumptuous feast with mozzarella and tomatoes, eggplant tapenade and melon soup for appetizers followed by salad, green beans, roasted squash with roast chicken and steak with peppers. Delicious carrot cake cupcakes followed for those who left room for dessert.

Deputy District Attorney, Tim Johnson, gave the keynote address sharing a story of a family he worked with early in his career.  Mr.  Johnson got involved with the family after a domestic violence incident and as a consequence parenting exchanges were to be conducted at the local police station. After a few exchanges Johnson asked the daughter how things were going. She said they were better but asked if they had to meet at the police station because the officer there always looked angry and carried a gun. This story reinforces why the services that Children First provides are so essential to our community.

With almost $3,000 in door prizes, many of our guests left the dinner with an unexpected gift.

We truly appreciate the support for this event from everyone: the event sponsors, the local businesses who made in-kind donations and door prizes, donors and the people who responded to our donation ask in support of our upcoming relocation.

If you’d like to get more involved or just learn more about Children First and our services, please contact us.

Photo credit: Photos courtesy of Dave Grosser